RotoTip Printer

An affordable, high precision, customizable tool to provide researchers with all their cell culture needs

High Customizability

Pop in your printhead and material of choice and get printing!

Low Cost

An affordable, competitive model with cost in mind

Refillable Cartridges

Source your materials all from one place, resulting in high repeatability and uniformity among experiments.

User Friendly Software

Our easy to use customer interface allows any level programmer to customize their protocols with ease.

Printheads available soon:

Inkjet based: This method is commonly used for low viscosity cell suspensions, biomolecules and growth factors. It is fast at a low cost.

Thermal, piezoelectric

Pressure-assisted: This method is effective with bioinks that have dispersions of low and high viscosity. It can be used for numerous materials to form many dimensions. It is slow at a moderate cost.

Pneumatic, plunger based, and screw based      

Laser Assisted: This method can be used on bioink of various viscosities and cells are printed with high activity and high resolution. This prints at a moderate speed, but at a high cost.

Magic Mixer: This printhead provides capabilities to mix multiple materials together as it prints.  This is advantageous if protocols require certain reagents to only mix for short periods of time, or for the plate to have nearly the same reaction start time.


and more to come!

Cartridge Categories:


3D alginate

3D collagen




Hyaluronic acid




Growth Factors

Cell media

ECM Mimics


Amino acids


Cell types

Embryonic stem cells

Induced pluripotent stem cells