The Market

Research and development in pharmaceutical drug is a massive, $160 billion industry across the world. Syroto Bioprinters is based in Southern California and looks to serve smaller pharmaceutical companies locally until expansion allows for nationwide growth and ultimately worldwide.  We believe in the power of innovation, collaboration and dedication to the global agenda of achieving quality healthcare, starting with medicine.

R&D Spending

We plan to integrate into the bioprinting market using a three phase structure, pictured below:

Phase 1:

 Initially, our team plans to use local connections in Irvine to expand our network and perform research. Gaining as much information about our targeted market allows us to develop the best way in order to infiltrate the market. Ph.D endorsements and contacts with local businesses begin spreading our company by word of mouth, getting our foot in the door to a massive, expanding market.

Phase 2:

Next, we plan to launch our online platform for ordering our printers and its customizable features. With the website fully functioning, our team will begin expanding regionally throughout southern California through direct business contact and attending trade shows to demonstrate the range capabilities that our product possesses.

Phase 3:

After successfully reaching our regional market, we will expand our team. Growing our sales team, hiring more employees, and expanding our market knowledge so that we can reach a world wide market and have the workforce to meet worldwide product demands.

The Competition

Bioprinting is a new and exciting technology picking up pace all over the world.  However, most elaborate machines are nowhere near the price range of most small pharmaceutical companies or research labs, such as:


3-D Bioplotter – $200,000                                                                 3D Discovery – $200,000                                                   BioAssembly Bot – $160,000


EnvisionTec’s 3-D Bioplotter and RegenHu’s 3DDiscovery models both retail for about $200,000 and Advanced Solution’s BioAssembly bot sells for nearly $160,000.  Our goal is bring innovation into the hands of those who may not have a budget large enough to support these highly technical machines so instead we focus on others who have a more affordable price listing:





Syroto Cellink BioBots Ourobotics
Modular ? ? ?
Multiple Printhead types ? ? ?
Under $10k ? ?
Provides compatible material cartridges ? ? ?

Our capabilites reach 3 microliter volumetric resolution and 1.37 micron linear resolution.  This beats out all of our competitors and our modular design brings incredible value and viability to the Syroto Design.